Lifestyle & Activities
What will you do today?

Attend a club meeting?

Meet with neighbors at a community event?

Attend a fitness class?

Join friends for a round of golf?

Maybe enjoy coffee at our Lake House Cafe?

Living in Sun City, you have endless possibilities.

Living in Sun City Carolina Lakes gives you ample opportunities to meet your next-door neighbors, attend neighborhood gatherings, and form new friendships. You can also take part in a broad array of organized activities where you'll meet others who share your interests. Lifestyle events and Chartered Clubs are open to all residents.

Here's a small sample of what you'll find:

  • Clubs for myriad sports (we even have our own softball field!)
  • Performances by resident, regional and national touring acts and musicians
  • Lectures; political and religious clubs
  • An active Social Singles club
  • Volunteer groups helping local schools, veterans, abused pets, community publications, Habitat, and more.
  • Numerous support groups

We have a full-time Lifestyle Director, full-time Events Coordinator, and even a full-time Reservation Coordinator.

Whatever your interests, you and your caring, friendly neighbors will find time to take part.